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Some of the Projects we Worked on

Better Software has always delivered high quality solutions on all projects we worked so far. Our area of expertise spans many industries. Some of the projects we worked on are:

  • Intranet Production Reporting from data collected from PLCs on the production line (Smith's Snackfoods).
  • Active web site for Health Services Australia and TMVC to manage corporate travellers' vaccination records and remote medical consultations
  • Gas extraction production forecast (short and long term) for Santos. The system uses complex equations and calculus to work out the daily production and flow for hundreds of objects that are part of the simulation model of the production network
  • Fire testing software for CSIRO Sydney. Enables users to run tests and assess the compliance with Australian, British and Amercian standards for fire resistence. The system communicates with data loggers on a TCP network.
  • TRIM Document Queue Processor. This program allows operators to enter documents in TRIM from predefined document queues with minimum manual processing. Orders of magnitude speed increases were found when using it.
  • Extensive ERP integration at Adelaide Brighton Cement with the Protean Software via COM components that are required to run in a multithreaded environment and interface the ERP system with field devices or other processes
  • Cross-departamental database search for the Fine Payments Unit via Microsoft using Biztalk and web services to integrate disparate database formats and aggregate the search results
  • Home automation embedded and high level software for eHome Corporation. The system allows remote device control via the internet or via direct PC connections, camera control and image viewing over the internet, scenes configuration, remote notifications, security supervision, etc.



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