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Fire Testing Software


To ensure building materials comply with fire resistance standards, appropriate testing must be performed. Such testing is done by accredited organisations using specialised furnaces and equipment and a very rigorous process required by the standard. The CSIRO Fire Testing Lab in Sydney is one of these accredited organisations.

There is a lot of complexity in setting up and running a fire test. The process may require several days of work by an entire team. The tests are destructive, dangerous and enormous amounts of data are collected for them. Tens or even hundreds of sensors are placed on the specimen to measure various parameters (temperature, radiation, deflection, etc.) at various intervals.

Throughout the test compliance with the standard is assessed dyanmically based on the data collected from the sensors. The temperature curve inside the furnace much match the one described in the standard. Failure criteria are used to assess the pass/fail status of the specimen.

These tough conditions almost impose the requirement of managing the fire test data and the failure events on a computer.

Our software allows the storage and management of dynamic test data, assessment of failure criteria against the standard, graphical display of the furnace curves and the various sensor curves, and also allow for historical statistics and easy test setup based on templates or on past tests.

How it works

The system uses either serial or TCP to communicate with data loggers which are connected to all the sesors placed on the specimen and in the furnace.

The data is collected in real time and saved in a SQL Server database. Various modules inside the software interpret this data in order to graph it and to check compliance with the standard. Various compliance criteria can be entered and used for the failure tests.

Easy to use setup screens allow users to enter test configurations in minutes that would take hours if the operations would be done manually.

Multiple charts can display data from various sensors in real time. The data collected during a test is used by the operators to generate a test report for the customer.

The object oriented design of this system allows for further enhancements. For example access to test data by customers or by the standards body.

The system was implemented at the CSIRO Fire Testing Lab in 2004.

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The software collects data from such data loggers via TCP/IP

Tens or even hundreds of sensors are placed on the specimen

Sophisticated furnaces with specially controlled burners are used to emulate the standard temperature curve for the test

The tests are destructive and large amounts of data must be collected

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