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TRIM Expertise and TRIM-related Products


TRIM is a leading document management system produced in Australia by Tower Software and used around the world. It uses a scalable distributed architecture and can easily handle thousands of users. TRIM provides full integration with CDMA compliant applications, strong security, document numbering patterns, retention schedules, locations, powerful searching capabilities, containership hierarchies, etc. It also exposes a rich API that can be used to extend the product and interface to third party applications.

Better Software has developed significant expertise in TRIM-related extensions and TRIM API based applications. We have been writing TRIM for many years now and have also developed a good relationship with the manufacturer -Tower Software, and with the leading South Australian dealer and TRIM system integrator - SoftImpact.

The following list of applications and clients for TRIM-related services is not exhaustive:

  • Automatic data import of scanned documents (SA Lotteries)
  • Specialised reporting based on very specific selection criteria (Newmont Mining)
  • Document Queue Processing (City of Charles Sturt)
  • Powerful, user-friendly addins for various tasks varying from selecting specialised information to integrating with third party applications.
  • Database replication support and procedures for generating similar Test/Training/Production environments.
  • Web-based TRIM reporting integrated with TRIM security and with Active Directory
  • TRIM-Active Directory integration for TRIM locations
  • Integration of TRIM with other systems using web services distributed architectures (eg. SMS Gateway for to-from SMS to be registered in TRIM).

In conjunction with Softimpact Pty Ltd, Better Software have aquired significant expertise in maintaining, upgrading and installing TRIM in a range of environments. Softimpact have done many large implementations of TRIM and are experts in TRIM product support and training.

The Queue Processor

No matter how powerful the document management system is, before anything can be done with the documents, they must be entered in the system. While TRIM provides a sophisticated, rule-based bulk import facility, it does not have the same power when it comes to entering thousands of documents per day manually through the user interface.

In such cases, organisations either employ extra staff whose job is to enter documents in TRIM, or use some empowering products like the Queue Processor. The Queue Processor allows an organisation to set rules and temaplates for processing large number of documents from predefined TRIM queues with minimal user input.

For example, it is quite common in an organisation for most of the invoices received to be directed to one department, to follow the same workflow process and to be all named based on a certain rule set by an internal standard in that organisation. To enter all these in TRIM manually, it might take an experienced operator a few minutes as each item on the screen must be selected from a list.

The Queue Processor uses the concept of templates to provide a set of fields that are filled with predefined, rule-based values. For each type of document there is a template. Eg. one for invoices, one for complaints, one for enquiry letters, etc.

Using a template with all the fields pre-filled by the smart rule engine, entering the same invoice only takes a few seconds. This is an improvement by an order of magnitude over the manual process. This also relieves staff from doing the boring and error-prone work.

This application was implemented at the City of Charles Sturt in Adelaide and was presented and very well received at the TRIM Australia-Pacific Conference in Perth on the 8/9/2005.



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TRIM, the leading document management system, has been approved for use in the South Australian Government.

Better Software has developed powerful, user-friendly TRIM addins
for various tasks from selecting specialised information to integrating with third party applications.

The Queue Processor is fully customisable via template screens. Template management is made easy and intuitive even for novice users

Data entry in the Queue Processor
is mainly driven by a smart preselection algorithm.
The user only has to enter a few items and an entire document including the attached workflow are created and saved in the TRIM database in a few seconds.

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