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Electronic Voting with the Reply System from Powerpoint Presentations


For many years Better Software has been delivering electronic voting solutions in co-operation with Response-Education Australia Pty Ltd.The latest solutions are built around the hardware manufactured by Fleetwood US, the Reply wireless system. The Reply Wireless System is the market leader in electronic voting with a quarter of a million keypads sold and with the biggest market share in the electronic voting arena.

One notable product is an easy to use, user-friendly and yet very powerful set of components that empower the user with the ability to run voting sessions from inside Microsoft Powerpoint. If you know Powerpoint and you author your presentations using Powerpoint, then you can link to the Reply Wireless System and do your voting sessions inside the same preferred authoring environment.

The suite of components for Powerpoint contains:

  • A setup component that takes care of the communication link with the Reply system
  • A chart component that displays the results from the audience for each question in the presentation
  • A chart copyt component that displays whatever its master chart displays. Very useful for comparison slides and repeat results
  • A group component that enables grouping of results based on the results of another question in the same presentation

Some of the advantages of using these components:

  • Very easy to use. Just drop a component on the slide, set a couple of properties and it will work like a charm. Other systems are so complex and yet they achieve almost the same result. Our system is the perfect match between richness of features and ease of use. No other system on the international market is that easy to use.
  • Price. A fraction of the the cost of other systems, our system offers a fixed cost no matter how many keypads you use. Other systems on the market almost multiply the price by the number of keypads and add more and more zeroes to the price as the number of keypads increases. With us, you can use it for as many keypads as the Reply system allows and still pay the same very small price.
  • Works directly in Microsoft Powerpoint without cluttering the environment with unnecessary toolbars and confusing buttons.
  • Saves the results in the presentation for later printing or rerun.
  • Has an emulation mode that enables dry runs without any Reply system connected, so you can easily rehearse or demonstrate your presentations.
  • Comprehensive scoring of results based on individual scores for each possible answer.
  • Countdwon intervals for quick-thinker questions and scoring based on how quick participants press the button.
  • Easy and effective comparison charts. Can have many copies of the results of the same question and show these copies on any slide, along with other questions for easy and intuitive comparisons.
  • Demographic questions and grouping of results based on these demographic questions (eg. how did males answer this question vs. females, etc.).
  • Save results on disk for further import in Excel and data analysis.
  • Can clear all results stored in a presentation with one click and restart the presentation with a new audience.
  • Nothing more to learn apart from Powerpoint. Seamlessly integrates in the Powerpoint environment.

This object-oriented set of components is also sold in the United Kingdom and worldwide via the biggest distributor of Fleetwood voting systems.

You can find the help file for these components here. Please drop us a note if you are interested:

  • To buy or further asses the Powerpoint Voting Components for the Reply Wireless System.
  • To hire a Reply system for a conference. Our partner Response-Education Pty Ltd provides support for national and international conferences and congresses, with hundreds or even thousands of delegates.
  • To buy voting equipment and software.
  • To use voting in education. We have experience in delivering voting-based teaching sessions. It's fun, gives instant results and students love it!
  • To use our services for social or corporate events: quiz nights, parties, shareholders meetings, board meetings, even remote location voting via internet based components.
  • To resell our services.
  • Anything else related to electronic wireless voting.




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The Chart component links to the Reply Wireless System, collects the data and displays it in the slide. The data is saved with the presentation and can be printed later on


The Properties component controls the link with the Reply Wireless System and manages all the other components in the presentation and well as providing support for error logging, results persistence, keypad registration, etc.

Easy to use and intuitive chart replicas can be placed on a slide to enable comparison of results. There can be many copies of the same or of multiple questions.


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