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Motorcycle Race Management Software (RaceTracker)


Timing participants in motor races requires extremely fast and accurate operator response. Due to the special demands of such races, there are usually two operators who constantly watch the start and finish line in order to not miss any of the tens of even hundreds of participants in the race.

Multiple races per day are a common requirement as well as a dynamic start order based on results from previous races. Accurate and fast reporting and timing to the millisecond are also required on any race day.

These tough conditions almost impose the requirement of managing the departures, arrivals and participants on the computer.

Our software meets all the above requirements and is capable of almost fully automate the detection and recording of participant start/finish times as well as race durations, start order, reporting, etc.

How it works

The system uses a serial port and a proprietary protocol to connect to a specially built electonic device that uses infra red beams to detect participants crossing the start or finish line. There are two such devices: one for the start and the other for the finish lines..

A smart setup screen is provided to enable the operator to select the comm port and also to test the detection devices.

The software runs on two computers at the same time and allows real-time communication between them.

One computer is at the start station and the other one at the finish station. Start and finish times detected at each of the stations are automatically propagated and displayed in real-time on the screens at both ends without the need of a screen refresh command.

The user enters race details and the participants list. Subsequent races can be populated with participants by simply copying from previous races. The copy operation inserts participants in a start order dictated by the previous results on the day.

At the start and finish lines, each operator has a dedicated screen which detects a participant crossing the line. At that time the operator can easily select from a pick-list the participant number and assign the time to him/her. Multiple particiants crossing the beam at the same time are easily handled by the software.

Fast and accurate reporting at the end of each race enables the operator to handle hundreds or even thousands of participants per race and decide the start order in a few seconds.

All the information is stored in a database and can be used later on for statistics and further reporting.

We don't write our software, we craft it!



Race Tracker Start/Finish Screen

COM Port setup and test screen

Race details are displayed on a
user friendly screen

Fast and accurate reporting
allows the operators to easily
handle hundreds of participants
in one race

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