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By having written code in a host of environments and languages, from assembler to C and Visual, we have gained an understanding of the real issues behind code writing. We have developed a set of best practices and development standards that have been helping us in successfully delivering applications to our clients over many years.

We believe that no matter how strong the management process is or how much time has been spent on requirement analysis and specification, the resulted software is only as good as the developers who write it. Discipline, adherence to standards and ability to put themselves in the user's shoes are the most important skills a developer has to have.

Too many times we have seen software built with very little consideration for the end user. Badly designed user interfaces, clumsy processes, esoteric error messages, lack of lateral thinking, bad spelling, improper use of newest technologies, unnecessary technological gimmicks are only a few attributes of bad software.

To avoid such pitfalls, we base our development on:

  • Careful selection of technologies (we don't just use it because it's cool or because everybody talks about it. When we decide to use a technology, it is probably the best fit for the problem we need to solve)
  • Adherence to development standards
  • Efficiency
  • Avoiding unnecessary complexity
  • Strong version control
  • Focus on maintainability
  • Writing generic code (write once, use multiple time)
  • Object orientation
  • Understading of the user as a human being, not only the user requirements

We don't write our software, we craft it.


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